DS Advocate Shares His Thoughts on the DS Shelby S2 Bib Short

So far this year I have ridden 1,900 miles. I have used my team bib shorts for almost all of those miles. Upon deciding that my team bibs weren't cutting it, I started to wonder what other companies had to offer. After a few phone calls, a little bit of shopping around, a and a few purchases of 'economy bib shorts' I decided to try out the DannyShane bib shorts. At $195.00 they're a bit more than some of the other options but hell, if I'm going to conquer the Dirty Kanza 200 The Premier Endurance Gravel Road Race, I want to be as comfortable as possible. I'll be damed if I have EVER had a more comfortable pair of bibs. They have a fairly tight fit, which was a welcomed feature after riding 'mid' level bibs for the past year. The chamois was absolutely spot on from the get go. I did my first 50mi in them today and it has forever changed the way I will view cycling apparel. If you're in the market check them out. They're miles ahead of what I've been riding and on top of that the subdued styling is absolutely beautiful. If you get a chance check out their website and browse around! www.dannyshane.com

Kyle G.
Denver, Colorado 

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