Athletes Love DannyShane


I just wanted to thank you for the generosity, it was for sure an
awesome surprise. I'm a bit taken back by the thoughtfulness and also by the
jersey fit too. I would say its probably the nicest piece of clothing I own
(I'm serious!) and defiantly the nicest jersey if ever worn. The fit is as
clean as the look, it's just dead on. I'm not sure what the future holds
with the team kits, but I know for a fact if we don't pursue a relationship
with DS, we will have a subpar kit. The Danny Shane kits are nothing short
of fantastic. Thank you so much again, I'm truly flattered by your kindness.

Wade Burch


*Wade Burch is a cyclist living and racing out of Lansing, Michigan. Wade is an accomplished cyclist with appearances at State Cyclocross Champinships (1st) and UCI Masters Cyclocross World Championships (23)