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DS Advocate speaks his mind on DannyShane

"What I really liked about the jerseys is that they are really premium and at a better price point than Rapha."..."There aren't really any negatives to the design itself but like all jerseys they are prone to Velcro glove snags."..."I get a lot of head turning when I've worn these jerseys here in Georgetown on my 1-2 hour rides. Keep up the great work." Mike O.

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Wearing a kit splashed with sponsor logos or hi-vis colors isn’t the only way to stand out on your group ride. DannyShane weaves its distinctively styled jerseys from a combination of polyester and Bamboo White Ash (BWA) fibers. BWA, the company says, embodies many of the natural performance characteristics of polyester—breathability and wicking properties—but is naturally derived, and therefore creates less of an environmental impact. The balance of the jersey’s fibers is recycled material, for a top that’s eye-catching, and eco-friendly.

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Kind Words from Emily Zinn

   "Perfect for: The rider who likes lush fabrics and minimal branding with some personality Why I love it: It doesn't have many bells and whistles, but fits and lives up to everything it claims Silky against your skin, super wicking and just the right mix of funky and wearable, DannyShane's bamboo-based apparel is the new addition to my hand-wash pile so that I always have my favorite plaid kit on hand when needed."   To Read More from Emily Zinn, visit:        

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Athletes Love DannyShane

DannyShane: I just wanted to thank you for the generosity, it was for sure anawesome surprise. I'm a bit taken back by the thoughtfulness and also by thejersey fit too. I would say its probably the nicest piece of clothing I own(I'm serious!) and defiantly the nicest jersey if ever worn. The fit is asclean as the look, it's just dead on. I'm not sure what the future holdswith the team kits, but I know for a fact if we don't pursue a relationshipwith DS, we will have a subpar kit. The Danny Shane kits are nothing shortof fantastic. Thank you so much again, I'm truly flattered by your kindness. Wade Burch   *Wade Burch is a cyclist living and...

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