The Surgeon is in...DannyShane Visits the Bike Surgeon in Shiloh, IL

Tuesday, July 30th, DannyShane Cyclo will be at Bike Surgeon in Shiloh, IL.

Christian will be joining the Tuesday group ride and be showing off the new DannyShane line to all who attend. Attendees will get a first had look at the latest and greatest products to hit the racks from DannyShane. New colors, features, designs, there will be plenty of great things to see and talk about. 

Festivities begin at 5pm at The Bike Surgeon (3348 Green Mt. Crossing Dr. Shiloh, Il. 52269) The group ride will begin at 6pm and expects to end around 7:30pm. Pizza and drinks will be provided following the ride along with jerseys being raffled off. 

Come check out the line and enjoy an evening of community and bike.